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This is where TOPOINT CORP. can help---TPGW-M22 enables authorized people to monitor any
Modbus-compliant device from anywhere at any time on the globe scale. It has the answer if you
just can't rip SCADA out. This unit may pitch in adding Industrial IOT(IIOT) capacities to legacy
machines and seamlessly eavesdropping on existing ModBus links, sending data and variables
up to  the cloud.

  • Features
    • Simply taps/ eavesdrops on existing ModBus links with zero downtime.
    • Standalone, no programming required, only proper configuration needed
    • RJ45 Ethernet to IIOT system. Parallel data feed into cloud as the ModBus network remains intact
    • Cloud Data/Charts/Graphs accessible thru cellphones,tablets, PC or any browser-enabled devices
    • Web browser based monitoring eliminates the need for special computers or software
    • Be supportive of an USB storage, immune from the risks of data loss
    • Cloud platform is able to send emails, SMS or to share events on alarm signals

  • Interfaces
    • Digital Input* 2
    • Relay Output*2
    • Modbus 485*1
    • USB Storage*1
    • 10/100 Ethernet RJ45*2
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    • Dimension 156* 123* 25mm
    • Weight 550g
    • Power 12 VDC

    • Front Panel Detail

  •  TPGW-M22 in the tapping/ eavesdropping mode

  • TPGW-M22 in the master polling mode